Green Initiative

Environmental Mission Statement

Management Services Corporation will demonstrate by its policies and practices evidence of leadership in environmental stewardship.

For our residents and tenants…MSC will:MSC Green

  • Promote reuse, reduce, and recycling practices.
  • Commit to effective communication and interaction.
  • Improve the environment in our communities.

For our employees…MSC will:

  • Provide healthy and safe workplace environments.
  • Support and reward innovation and creativity.
  • Emphasize continuous environmental improvements.

When building, renovating, and developing…MSC will:

  • Use appropriate energy resources and materials.
  • Incorporate the natural environment in land use decisions.
  • Reduce pollution and material waste.

Minimum Green Standards

  • Install recycling containers in every office.
  • Set-up screen savers for all computers to reduce energy when not in use for short periods.
  • Reduce paper margins by .5” for interoffice notes, memo, etc. whenever possible .
  • Add “Think Before You Print!” stickers to printers and computers.
  • Insert MSC Green logo on every e-mail requesting that recipients not print.
  • Opt out of junk mail.
  • Utilize stairs instead of elevator whenever possible.
  • Install low impact fluorescent light bulbs whenever possible and provide guidelines for proper disposal.
  • Purchase recycled paper products for office use whenever possible.
  • Utilize reusable materials instead of paper plates, cups, etc. Use MSC reusable tote bag.
  • Utilize teleconferencing to reduce unnecessary travel, where possible.
  • Establish a fixed temperature for the thermostat or install programmable thermostats wherever possible.
  • Recommended temperature is 68°F – 72°F.
  • Return used ink toner cartridges for recycling to local office supply store for credit or refund.
  • Recycle old/unused company cell phones.
  • Distribute old office furniture for employee’s personal use or give to charity (Sofa Shuffle.)
  • Install Energy Star appliance for all replacements whenever possible.
  • Unplug charger when not in use (radios, cell phones, etc.)
  • Use rechargeable batteries.


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