Management Services Corporation is pleased to announce our association with New Moves Partnership!

The mission of New Moves Partnership is to provide quality housing to families who have become homeless due to no fault of their own. The program is designed to assist families who are newly homeless as a result of job loss, death, health issues and other non-controllable events that could lead to the loss of a home. The New Moves Partnership program works with case managers at various agencies, charities and churches to ensure that the families receive the support they need to become self-sustaining. Candidates are selected by New Moves Partnership and recommended to the participating management companies.

new moves partnership family
new moves partnership family 2
new moves partnership family 3
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“There’s no place like home...” isn’t just a saying. There is great significance in our homes, which provide a sense of hope thanks to the good memories that are created there and the protection and security we feel once we walk through the door. Management Services Corporation believes that every individual deserves a place to call home and is dedicated to providing quality apartment homes and exceptional service that support independence and advancement for individuals and their families.