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4on Google,Oct 31, 2017


We love living at Salem Wood Apartments. It is the most well landscaped and kept up apartment complex in the Salem / Roanoke area that I have seen. Andrew Lewis Middle School where our daughter attends is among the best and located very close to our home. The maintenance crew is quick to respond to any request. We enjoy the pool, walking path and activities. Salem Wood is very pet-friendly. A short commute to Roanoke and accessible to many restaurants and recreational facilities. Salem Wood is a great value and home!

5on Google,Jul 24, 2017


the best place to live in Salem, VA.

5on Facebook,Jun 28, 2017


I am new here, and I like it�Nice neighbors. The office staff is nice and helpful. They picked out a good building for me, and the property is very well maintained.

3on Facebook,Mar 26, 2017


Loved it. Until this morning. Woke up to walk out on my balcony to find that someone climbed it and stole our hammock. �

5on Apartment Ratings,Mar 08, 2017


very happy with service, cleanliness and friendliness of staff. Would definitely recommend to others. No problems noted. Takes care of problems swiftly. Lawn and cleanliness of grounds are immaculate.

5on Apartment Ratings,Mar 08, 2017


This apartment is very quiet and clean,. The neighbors are very nice. The staff is exceptional . They go above and beyond to resolve issues. The restaurants in the area are nice and are very close to the apartment.

3on Apartment Ratings,Mar 08, 2017


Salem Wood is located in a safe and conveniently area. The appearance of the outside of the apartments are much nicer than the inside. Many of provided items such as washer and dryer are out of date and could use improvement. Overall, the price of rent is over priced for the value.

5on Apartment Ratings,Mar 08, 2017


The landscaping is gorgeous and the location is very convenient! These apartments are very nice and I feel safe raising my daughter in this community. We also love the proximity to the playground, pool, and basketball court!

5on Apartment Ratings,Feb 07, 2017


Excellent location, spacious apartment, superior office staff and maintenance crew. Have lived here before and returned recently. Excellent neighborhood and location. Only apartment I considered in this area!

4on Apartment Ratings,Jan 11, 2017


In five years rent has always gone up without the services improving and/or changing to keep up. Discounts given to bring in new residents. My belief is the residents that have been here for numerous years should be the ones getting discounts. If rent wasn't so high discounts wouldn't be needed to lure in new residents.

5on Apartment Ratings,Jan 11, 2017


I have found this complex to be exceptionally clean and well-maintained. The staff is very friendly and responsive to all of my needs. I feel safe and comfortable living here and would highly recommend this complex to anyone.

4on Apartment Ratings,Dec 23, 2016


This is a very friendly and comfortable neighborhood. I feel very safe in the environment and all of our needs are handled very well. It has plenty of parking which was definitely a plus. I must also say having an in unit washer and dryer even though they are small is a huge factor into us getting the apartment.

5on Apartment Ratings,Dec 09, 2016


Salem Wood Apts is a quiet, safe and beautifully landscaped community. The office and maintenance staff are great. There is a great pool for summer fun. There are basketball and volleyball courts and a fantastic walking trail.

5on Apartment Ratings,Dec 08, 2016


The rental process was great and my apartment looks amazing!

5on Apartment Ratings,Dec 04, 2016


My company moved me to the Salem from Virginia Beach. I had 3 days to find somewhere to live. I literally looked at 20+ places in 3 days. I spoke to my wife and this place, neighbors, and Ashley was all the reason we needed. From VB, I could not understand why the water was included with a washer and dryer because we paid so much there. My monster of a Shih Tsu has toooo many friends in this community. No angry dogs allowed here. I can't say how much I love the Maintenance. Truely caring people. I recommend this place to everyone looking.

4on Apartment Ratings,Nov 24, 2016


We have been living here for almost 2 years. Everyone is extremely friendly and professional. The property is beautiful and always clean. This is the only place you will find the maintenance staff professional, understanding and when something is wrong they are outstanding. They truly go above and beyond the standard. I would extremely re command Salem Wood Apartment

5on Google,Sep 19, 2016


We have been living here for almost 2 years. Everyone is extremely friendly and professional. The property is beautiful and always clean. I cannot stress enough how AMAZING the maintenance staff is. This is the only place you will find the maintenance staff professional, understanding and when something is wrong they are outstanding. They truly go above and beyond the standard. I will stay here just for the staff.

5on Apartment Ratings,Sep 13, 2016


I'm in love with this complex!! Everyone is very nice and helpful! The apartments and clean, quiet, and well maintained. I would highly recommend living at Salem Wood!

5on Apartment Ratings,Aug 23, 2016


Salem Wood was the only apartment complex that fit all my needs from rent, community setting, safety concerns, appliances and overall cleanliness. The staff was very helpful in the decision and move one process which made me feel even more confident that I made a great choice.

5on Apartment Ratings,Aug 10, 2016


So far the experience has been nice. People are friendly and the grounds are very nice. We have had nothing but pleasant experience with the office staff. The only problem is the neighbors above us are extremely loud. The walking isn't an issue but it sounds like they are jumping over and over again.

5on Google,Jul 02, 2016


My husband and I have lived here for close to a year now,.-August will make 1yr for us. We've just happily renewed our contract. As with many of the other reviews, I too agree that the staff are all very friendly and helpful! The Apartments are super cozy on the inside and well maintained on the outside. I love the washer/dryer we have, although it is on the smaller side (plan on washing your large blankets and comforters/pillows at a laundrymat) it's super cute and great for every day laundry loads! The Apartments are very animal friendly and offer lots of green spaces for walking your dogs, even the ''club house'' keeps dog treats for any furry friends that stop by which is sweet. My husband and I both agree that if you're going to live in an apartment type setting, These are the best! Very relaxed atmosphere. My ONLY complaint, and it's not really a complaint as such, Is that the few times we've had to have maintenence come by, They didn't provide a time window that they would be here (They would say ''We'll have someone come by Monday, but not give a time), But those times I've called they were able to get in touch with maintenence at give me a time frame but I hated bothering them. So it would be awesome if they were able to say ''Someone will be there between 12PM-2PM'' a 2 or 3 hour window would be greatly appreciated as we like to have our dogs put up before the door bell rings, which makes it easier for our pets and us :) But other than that, We are very content and happy residents here at Salem Wood Apartments!